The marketing team at Piano for Life thought that promoting their product during a late night showing of “The Breakfast Club” on AMC would definitely capture their target demographic. 

I wouldn’t say that this was a bad infomercial but I thought it was lame to the point where I felt like I could have made this commercial in my 9th grade TV production class. The piano music in the background was a little weird and sounded like it was borderline hypnotizing me. The DVD cover of “Piano for Quitters” was probably my favorite part.

I hope that enough former piano players read this so they can get back on the “right track” and rekindle their talent. Enjoy.


I have apparently been getting really into Australian based bands over the course of this year (Cut Copy, Pnau, Ladyhawke, and probably a few others). I think there is something in their water that makes them so progressive sounding. 

Here is a really good live video of Friendly Fires, who are one of my current favorites. This song has some crazy percussion and guitars. Enjoy.


Above is a clip from one of the funniest episodes of The Young Ones, which was basically the first exposure I had to British comedy. The show was on in the early 80’s but was later replayed on MTV in the early 90’s.

My brothers would somehow convince my mom to allow me to stay up till 11 pm to let me watch the show. It was only 12 episodes long, but it was still amazing.

 If you notice, the character of Lord Monty is a very young Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House. Also, Rick of Scumbag College is the 90’s childhood favorite, Drop Dead Fred. Enjoy.


Sometimes after work I like to stop by the mall and get some self-serve frozen yogurt. In the last year or two I have increasingly become more of a fan of the product. 

Due to widespread popularity, numerous Fro-Yo places have opened up; each one having their own selections of flavors and a myriad of toppings. When you go to a different location each time you always need to take a few minutes to survey the “lay of the land” and decide what you want. 

A recent trip to Yogen Fruz got me thinking about my “keys to success” for yogurt selection at whichever store/chain you are located:

  1. Do not put too much yogurt in your cup. Otherwise, you won’t be able to afford dinner. This is a big rookie mistake.
  3. Toppings are the key, but you never want go with more than 4 different ones. Otherwise, everything will blend together all weird and it will just taste like you are only eating sugar.
  4. Make sure to change up your topping textures/styles. You don’t need to include 3 types of similar breakfast cereals. You’re not in 3rd grade anymore.
  5. Chocolate syrups has been showing up at more places as of late. Just avoid it at all costs. Putting that crap on top of your yogurt basically states that you don’t care for the rest of what you put together and that you gave up in life.
  6. Do not get tricked by usual toppings that show up at other yogurt places in different colors. Cookie Dough will taste the same regardless of whether it is yellow or green. (I sadly mad this mistake recently)
  7. Some places have their own “personal mixes”. Shut your butt with that. Self-serve yogurt is basically the definition of the first amendment. I can make whatever I want and I don’t need your big brother oversight.
  8. This is last one is just my own personal preference. If a specific self-serve yogurt place doesn’t have Mochi as a topping, then they can self serve their own ass to themselves. (I am talking to you, TCBY)

Well there you have it, folks. There is my own personal self-serve yogurt  survival guide. This one  took more than 30 minutes to write, but I am passionate about dessert based things, so we will let this one slide. 

(Above listed tips are just my opinion. You have the right to disagree with them, but please note that will just mean you are probably wrong or whatever)


This is the future of fitness, ladies and gentlemen. Look out for some great method acting around the 0:29 mark. Washboard Abs sold separately. Enjoy.